Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Welcome back

Hi there! Welcome to the new Zine Library/Shop blog! Why do we have a new blog, when the old one was perfectly fit? Is it because we lost track of the password? No! Because as of 2013, we’re starting fresh for a better, fresher, more awesome Zine Library. We’re going to start hosting Live Zine readings and performances, as well as workshops, guest speakers and anything else cool we can think of. We’ll also be posting interviews with established authors and artists to inspire and tantalize minds.

The Classic Blog can still be read, it's all archived right here!

RPS’s zine committee have been meeting up to discuss exciting new plans behind the scenes, and all you need to do anticipate fun times and good readings. Even as you read this we are working on our first big project of the year. Keep an eye out for it! And we’ll talk soon!

Oh yeah? Anybody going down for LA Zinefest next month??

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